Where can I send your gift?

This is a song inspired by the Christmas story. I feel it was a gift to me when I wrote it. I would like you to have it, too!

"You should know her, she’s a good songwriter. Wait, she’s a great songwriter” ” - -Don Henry, multi-award winning songwriter and artist

Everybody has a distinct voice in this big ol’ world. Songwriter Robin Monterosso began expressing her true voice when she gave in to songwriting in 2011. Songwriting, a very patient muse apparently, waited 47 years for Robin to show up. Let that be a lesson to you. 

Her music is both buoyant as the light it captures yet weighty as the serious business of life, her sound and writing have been compared to an almost maddening assortment of references.  We think folks who like Shawn Colvin, Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Lori McKenna (and maybe Taylor Swift, a reference added by a young lady who is a big Taylor fan!) will enjoy Robin’s artistry. Maybe you’ll find joy in her repertoire even if you’ve never heard of most of those singer-songwriters. 

Her songs are often keenly-felt musical portraits lovingly curated into a gallery of compassion and hope. Robin values the power of communication, a good cup of tea, the unity found in empathy, and the unending mission of seeking balance in life. Libra, of course, she once lied and told a guy in a bar her sign was “STOP.” (Yeah, we laughed, too.)

“She has a visceral connection with the guitar”” - Jack Williams, songwriter, troubadour
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